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Repousse Jewelry presents jewelry of the finest artistic lineage, rare beauty and enduring worth.  Each work is created in the repousse' method, hand-chased, engraved and hallmarked.  Michael Galmer's years of providing collectors with extraordinary tabletop and commissioned pieces is a legacy we are building upon...for jewelry you can wear with pride and treasure within your family for generations.


The Sconset Roses Cuff with Pink Tourmalines


The American Daisy Cuff


The Sconset Roses Cuff


The Magnolia Cuff


The Sunflower Cuff


The Girl Afield Cuff


Touch of Gold Daisy Bracelet


The Palm Cuff


The Peony Cuff


Touch of Gold Peony Bracelet


The Three Blossom Peony Cuff


The Chrysanthemum Cuff


Slim Chrysanthemum Cuff with
Three Sapphires


The Chrysanthemum Cuff with Sapphires


The Bamboo Bracelet with Natural Turquoise


The Bamboo Crystal Quartz Bracelet


The Peony Triple Strand Pearl Bracelet

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